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In Home Docking Station

In Home Docking Station < >

Sometimes called the off-board charger is our most popular accessory after the armrests. We highly recommend getting this accessory due to the added convenience it provides. Our customers always thank us for recommending it to them. With the In Home Docking Station, you are able to charge the battery independently of the scooter. Simply pop out the battery pack and charge up the battery anywhere you are! You can even leave the Luggie folded in the trunk of your car. Without this accessory the Luggie will always need to be charged via the scooter itself.

Note: The Luggie docking station does *not* come with a cord. It is used in conjunction with the standard 5 amp charger included with the Luggie scooter. Also, if you want to use the docking station to see how much charge is on the battery, you need to disconnect the charger from the station and depress the yellow button. If you press the yellow button when the charger is plugged into the unit, you will not get an accurate reading.

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