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The Luggie has given me back my life 


Just got back from round trip air travel from San Diego, CA to Denver, CO with my Luggie Elite. Easy as pie getting through the airport in San Diego and I was able to ride it right up to the door of the plane. They folded it and put it in with the strollers and it was waiting for me when I deplaned in Denver. Denver International Airport is huge but I was able to zip through it with my Luggie without any problem at all. Drove it right onto the people mover (train) with ease. It was my first experience taking it on a trip and I was very pleased at how easy it was. Someone in a previous post mentioned that it could be easily damaged when folded. That is true if you transport it in the completely folded position. It is much better to just partially collapse (flat position) it rather than fold it up all the way. In the partially collapsed position (flat position), the controller head is protected by the seat and should be just fine. As an aside I would like to mention that carrying anything on my Luggie used to be a bit of a problem. I was able to find a wonderful plastic basket in the bath section of my local Target store that fits perfectly (lengthwise) below my legs on the Luggie. The brand is "Curver" and it is 15.5" L X 11.5" W x 6.5" H. It is a basket weave and comes in white or black. I am able to carry large amounts while out and about shopping. Of course I wasn't able to take it with me on the trip, but use it constantly when I am home. The Luggie has given me back my life and I am so grateful to have found it. Without it, I am not able to be out in the world enjoying all it has to offer.
JoAnn Jackson, RN, BSN 
Patient Facilitator 


Over Railroad Tracks, through a Potholed Parking Lot With Ease

I received my luggie in July, but until this month I did not give it much of a workout. However, last week I took it on a two week cruise. It was wonderful; it fit in my balcony stateroom with no trouble. It went down the hallways even with the carts blocking them.

On the streets in Key West, I was able to ride the rough sidewalks and cross streets . The luggie went over railroad tracks through potholed parking lot and up parking garage ramps with ease. I received many comments and questions about it’s use and convenience. Many especially enjoyed the pink color.  It is easy for my husband to fold and put in the trunk of the car. Needless to say I am very pleased with the way it works and it’s sturdiness.

 Thank You,

Phyllis Maness
College Station, TX


Twelve Stars Out of Ten

I purchased The Luggie in February, after discussing it with Eric, and taking his advice. The best decision I ever made, (except marrying my lovely wife). The best money I ever spent. This little machine is as much fun as my first bicycle, but with a motor! I am constantly having people ask me about it, and are amazed at its design. I waited four months before writing this to really check out this little machine. I'm here to tell you it zipped with ease through casinos, museums, the cobblestones of New Orleans and the mean streets of New York City without a glitch. Air transportation was a breeze. I give it twelve stars out of ten, and I've named it "Zippy". Many many thanks.

John Foley,
Brooklyn, New York

Luggie Goes Everywhere!

The Luggie spent yesterday at Universal Studios, mastered the LA Metro and today visited Hollywoods Walk of Stars. Tomorrow it'll take me to LAX to pick up a rental car before heading off to Yosemite. Next week we'll be boarding P&O's Aurora for our return to Sydney via Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. Thanks for helping me to get onto a Luggie.

Greg Kentish,
Los Angeles, CA

Brilliant engineering. I love it!

Marlou Beader,
Westfield, IN

The Luggie has Changed my Life

Hi Jeff

First let me say what a joy it was to talk with you.
Your sincere concern and patience was overwhelming.
I must have asked you a million questions about the Luggie and you answered each one with a more than satisfactory answer and in great detail. I had researched so many Scooters stores...on-line and in person...none of them can compare to the way you and Eric spoke to me...I felt as if I was speaking to old friends.

This may sound a little over dramatic, but trust me it's not...the Luggie has changed my life. As I told you on the phone, I broke my back in an accident and I had to have 4 spine operations. I used to be VERY active before the accident.

I ran a TV studio in New York, was a volunteer for the fire department and was a professorial clown. YES, a real clown! I traveled the country making folks laugh that were confined to hospitals and nursing homes...And then... I became confined myself. It's a horrible feeling being stuck in your home,not being able to go out with your family and friends...or even be able to take a walk with your dog...Well not any-more! Now I can basically go any where and do anything I want long as I have my Luggie of course!

AND...and this is the best part...I can go by myself because the Luggie is so light I can get into the car all by myself and it only takes me 30 seconds to adjust it to riding mode once I am out of the car. This is truly life changing for me because I have my independent back!

And then on top of all this there were so many other things that just sealed the deal for me... like the free armrests for example...the speed of the Luggie, (my family can't keep up with me when we are at the mall) the Luggie's durability and the fact that I don't need even one tool to "start my engine" and get rolling.

So I guess what I'm saying guys is, "Thank You- Thank You-Thank You for giving me my life back and giving me something to smile and laugh about again.

Debbie Slansky
Wappingers Falls, NY

P.S. If you ever get someone who wants to talk with a "Real" customer...just give them my phone number..I will be more than happy to sing your praises and the praises of the Luggie to them too.

Luggie scooter has helped
Thanks for your assistance.. My brother had polio as an infant and the Luggie scooter has helped his ease of mobility. He now suffers from post-polio syndrome and is unable to walk long distances.

Candy Jara
San Gabriel, CA

This is an Answer to Our Prayers
I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how much Steve loves his new Luggie. We received it last Friday and was so surprised to find out how easy it was to unfold and set up. He charged it up and was riding it Saturday! It will give us the flexibility we want when we are traveling. We want to be able to fly to Europe and take a cruise over to the Greek Isles in the near future. This is an answer to our prayers. Now he can go and not have to worry about how he will get around. You guys have been wonderful in answering all his questions and walking him through the process. He will definitely be spreading the word around about the Luggie!

Thanks again,
Steve & Linda Frederick
Charleston, SC

The Ferrari of Scooters
My husband is enjoying his Luggie so very much. It has opened a world of freedom of movement that couldn't happen without this marvelous machine. We quickly learned how easy it is to fold and unfold it. Our ability to go places and enjoy entertainment, restaurants, movies, etc has greatly enhanced our enjoyment of our lives. We feel that the Luggie is the Ferrari of scooters.

Judith Halprin
Henderson, NV

Just What My Wife Needed
My wife has MS but remains pretty mobile over short distances at home, being able to get around with sticks to and from the car etc. However she feels her limitations when traveling, and so we have been looking for a long time for a scooter that is portable enough to fit in the back of the car, or on a plane. When we heard about the Luggie and saw it demonstrated on line we were pretty sure we had found the solution.

We couldn't take the Luggie for a test drive to make sure it suited my wife's needs. The prospect of sending out the credit card details for such a large purchase was quite daunting. In the end thanks to your attention to detail we had nothing to worry about.

The Luggie was just what my wife needed and we are very happy with the product.

Dr. Tim Green
Director, Emergency Department
Clinical Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School
University of Sydney, Australia

The Luggie scooter ROCKS!
Having used a another "transportable" scooter earlier this year, the difference in ease of use, reliability and weight is quite obvious. The Luggie truly is a foldable scooter taking less than 2 minutes to ready for transport or use whereas the other transportable scooter took upwards of 10 minutes. I encountered no problems with airline handling/transportation of the scooter during a recent trip.

I highly recommend the Luggie, especially to those who are constrained by space in their mode of transportation or have issues lifting heavy objects.

Gerard Carlton
Flanders, NJ

I am 100% satisfied with my Luggie
I had my surgery and thank goodness I had my Luggie scooter. It is extremely light weight and has an amazing turning radius. It gives me the freedom to move around my entire house and take care of myself without the need to have my family members take off work to help me get dressed or move around. It is so small and versatile that I can get in and out of tight spaces with absolute ease.

I am 100% satisfied with my Luggie and recommend it to anyone in the market for a great scooter and wonderful customer service.

Vielka McFarlane
Founder & CEO
Celerity Educational Group
Los Angeles, CA

You have made me a Customer for Life!

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with an adult form of muscular dystrophy, a disabling condition that progressively reduces overall muscle strength and ability to walk. When my doctor recommended I get an electric motorized chair, I was more than a bit hesitant due to my relatively young age (49); I didn't want to look "old" riding one of the boring antiquated devices currently on the market. Eventually, I came across the "Luggie" scooter on the internet. It's high-tech, modern, compact fold-down design was like none I had ever seen; it actually looked "cool".

Before getting my Luggie, I basically became a shut-in, as my condition prevented me from doing even the most basic things like going to the grocery store. Soon after receiving my Luggie scooter, my wife and I were able to go to the grocery together without me having to lean on her and my canes for walking support, which was a huge relief for the both of us.

The Luggie scooter not only looks good, but the fully adjustable and fluid hand controls and auto-braking feature make it very easy to operate and navigate in tight spaces. In addition, its lightweight design allows you to simply fold it up and store in the trunk of any car, truck or SUV. .

Thanks for this great device - you have made me a customer for life!

Nick Yackanich,
Lake Worth, Florida

I Highly Recommend the Luggie to Anyone
The Luggie mobility scooter is robust, able to withstand all the folding and unfolding and rough handling by porters and other helpers! As the batteries are light, I was able to carry a spare, in a small backpack on the back of the seat.

I have been amazed at the way my Luggie scooter performs on all kinds of terrain, up and down hills, around tight corners and in public places. Several times whilst traveling in Switzerland we were approached by other who wanted to buy it, or get one like it! I highly recommend the Luggie to anyone, particularly for traveling on any form of transport. My wife and I are now planning another trip to Germany.

Digby Bradley