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Getting the Luggie into your Vehicle

Getting the Luggie into your Vehicle

Posted by Jeff Cooperman on 4th Aug 2014

The Luggie is very easy to get in and out of your vehicle. The main reason for this is that the luggie folds into a flat position.

The Flat Position:

You never have to lift the full weight of the scooter. The Luggie weighs 50 lbs without the

battery so this can be a lot for some people to lift.

Here are the steps used to get it into your car. By following these simple steps, you can 

leverage the weight of the Luggie without having to lift the whole scooter at once.

Step 1: Either keep the Luggie unfolded with the seat up or fold the luggie scooter into 

the flat position locking it in position using the side or chassis hooks.

Step 2: Lift the luggie by the front of it and prop it up on the rear bumper of the vehicle. 

You can even place a small rug or some kind of cloth on the bumper f you’d like.

Step 3: Either lift the Luggie by the back of the seat (if it's in the upright unfolded 

position) or lift the luggie up by the bar of the rear of scooter (if it's in the flat position) 

and slide it up into your car.

That’s it! Drive your trusty companion wherever you feel like going! Sky’s the limit!

To get it out of the car, simply reverse the above steps.

TIP: Try leaving the seat raised up in Step 2. This way the Luggie is in the flat position 

with the tiller folded into the floorboard but the seat is up instead of being down.

By doing this, you may find it easier to slide the Luggie into your car since you can then 

lift the Luggie by the back of the seat instead of bending down to lift it by the rear bar. 

Then once it’s in your car or van, you can easily lower the seat.