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The Brand New Luggie Classic Folding Scooter!

The Brand New Luggie Classic Folding Scooter!

Posted by Eric Hecht on 11th Nov 2014

If you are looking for a scooter that is easy to get in and out of the car. A scooter that is great for airline travel, cruise ships or a scooter that allows you the freedom to go long distances with out an expensive and cumbersome car lift. A scooter you can get in and out of the car yourself, independently, with out the assistance of anyone, and your looking for a great deal, then the Freerider Luggie Classic Folding Scooter is a model you should definitely consider.

With a pre order sales price at only $1599 that includes free armrests, a free cup holder, a folding basket and free shipping there is no better value out there! The Luggie Classic offers the same rugged, durable design features of the Standard and Elite Luggies with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. You can still slide the Luggie Classic in and out a car with out lifting up the full weight. You can still drive the scooter right to the gate of the airplane and it will still work perfectly for your next cruise ship adventure.

The only difference between the Luggie Classic and Standard is the battery and the color. The Luggie Classic is only available in the Ferrari Red color and comes with lead acid sealed batteries weighing less then 20 pounds. This battery is still TSA and FDA approved so you will have no problem taking it on your next trip.

With a Pre- Order sales price of only $1599 (price will be $1699 when they are in stock in December) the Luggie Classic offers the best value in the folding scooter category. !!If you have any questions, need any information or want to discuss any of your mobility needs please call us to speak with one of our mobility experts toll free at 866-230-2323 Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard time or you can always e mail us at

(Pictured below without armrests. However, at, we do ship every Classic Luggie Free with Armrests.)