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Why We Recommend the Luggie?

Why We Recommend the Luggie?

Posted by Eric Hecht on 24th Jul 2014

We sell almost every folding scooter on the market, and while there are many great options out there, there are many reasons why we feel the Luggie is the best folding scooter available.

Every day we get calls from our customers trying to determine what the best folding scooter for their needs is. Most of the time, after listening to them, the Luggie is the best option for them.

When searching for a travel folding scooter the majority of our customers are looking for a scooter that is easy to get in and out of the car. Something they can do by themselves. They want independence.

The way the Luggie is engineered, you never have to lift up the full weight of it. If you can lift up 25 pounds, you can get the Luggie in and out of your car. This is accomplished because the Luggie has a flat position, so it can slide in and out of a car without lifting its full weight. This is a huge advantage the Luggie has over other folding scooters. The Luggie is the only folding scooter that is engineered to slide in and out of your car. The other models you need to bend down and lift up the whole weight, most being about 50 pounds. There is a big difference lifting up 25 and 50 pounds.

With the new found independence the Luggie provides, many of our customers now can travel. This is another area where the Luggie excels. The Luggie is the best scooter to take on a plane. The same flat position where you slide the Luggie in and out of a car creates a protection barrier so you can travel with confidence that your scooter will arrive safe at your destination. Again, this is a feature unique to the Luggie models. The Luggie is the best scooter to gate check at the airport.

These two design characteristics are usually enough to make the Luggie the best option for most of our customers. Add reliability, stability, the ability to adjust the seat height and super fun colors and you have the reasons the Luggie is our best-selling scooter.

Please feel free to call one of our scooter experts at 866-217-1757 and they will spend as much time as you need going over all the folding scooters to help you determine which the best scooter for your needs is. Our job is to get you the best scooter for your needs.

Luggie - Flat position

Luggie folded in the car

Luggie & Cute Pooch